Paultard Blimp Headed Northbound

woohoo! our candidate hates us!We've been mum on the Paultard Blimp's progress the last few days, but these abject failures are still going -- and they're headed north. The Blimp just landed in Norfolk, VA will continue along I-95 either today or tomorrow. You know what this means, Washington, right? Keep your sturdy, teabag-deflecting umbrellas on call.

The blimp now has two banners, and you can now watch this very boring, but short, video of the rEVOLution (or however you type that shit) one being pasted on:

[youtube expand=1]

And over at that veritable goldmine of intelligence, the Justin TV chat room, flashes of brilliance continue to flow evermore:

blimpchat3.jpgHow many Paultards have lost their virginity on this Blimp?

Ron Paul Blimp gets banner [YouTube]

The Ron Paul Blimp Tour Live [Justin TV]

[Ron Paul Blimp]


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