Paultard Blimp Rides No More, Feel Free To Sob

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Ah, the video that started it all. But today it's defeat, and not a blimp, that's in the air. The Paultard Blimp has been returned after making its last "go" of things in Florida, which mostly resulted in elderly car accidents. From Ron Paul Blimp's website: "Current Blimp status: The blimp is headed back home to it's hangar in Elizabeth City, NC. The blimp did not receive enough sponsorships to keep it afloat any longer." Hey now, that's not the Paultard spirit we know! Is defeat a word, or a Mainstream Media "spin" tactic? That blimp will be in the air in no time!

While we wait, however... could someone please pay for this shit?:

We will be keeping the banners in hopes of flying the blimp for "round 2" in a few months. If you would like to sponsor the blimp we would still appreciate it as we still have a balance due to Airship Management Services.

[Ron Paul Blimp]


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