hollerIn a federal raid yesterday, agents seized gold, silver and two tons of copper coins at the "Liberty Dollar" headquarters in Evansville, Indiana. What, pray tell, is a "Liberty Dollar"? It's a counterfeit currency featuring Ron Paul's head shot, made by 'tards. Although "counterfeit" may be inaccurate if you believe the man behind the currency, Bernard von NotHaus, who thinks his moneys are legal. Think about the decisions you make, Paultards: If your boy wins, our secretary of the treasury will be a counterfeiter named Bernard von NotHaus.

First off, let's change it from "NotHaus" to "NutHouse," because we all made that leap in two seconds. Anyway, NutHouse is the founder of the National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act & Internal Revenue Code (NORFED, somehow), which makes Paultard money, distributes it and considers this legal:

The organization, which is critical of the Federal Reserve, has repeatedly clashed with the federal government, which contends that the gold, silver and copper coins it produces are illegal. NORFED claims its Liberty Dollars are inflation free and can restore stability to financial markets by allowing commerce based on a currency that does not fluctuate in value like the U.S. dollar.

Tell any Paultard that you consider the Liberty Dollar an illegal currency, and they'll surely chide you for being a Hillary supporter. Because they do that.

Fake Ron Paul coins seized [MSNBC]


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