Paultards Hate Huntsman for Knowing Chinese, Adopting Foreigners


The New Hampshire contingent of Paultards is stooping to core-of-the-earth lows today with a new ad featuring Napster-era audio quality, proof alone that the ad was definitely not made by Paul's official moneybags campaign, but the freaks on the fringe of the fringe, who are still learning how to use a computer. In the ad, these cinematic visionaries show candidate Huntsman speaking in Mandarin and ask, "American values? Or Chinese?" and then insult Huntsman's Indian- and Chinese-born adopted daughters. Oh boy.

"The Manchurian Candidate: What's he hiding?" ask the tools, who call themselves NHLiberty4Paul, then show some flickering photos, one of Huntsman speaking with his Chinese daughter at his side, another showing Huntsman sporting a bindi in honor of his Indian daughter's Hindu roots. "China Jon's Daughters: Even Adopted?" the ad then asks, which only makes partial sense. But these guys are busy! No time for full sentences.

This is certainly a breath of putrid air considering how actual Paul and Huntsman have been treating each other the past few days: someone in the Paul campaign joked on Twitter during the Iowa caucus that they had found Huntsman's "one Iowa voter, he's in Linn precinct 5 you might want to call him and say thanks," but Paul and then Huntsman acknowledged that this was an Attempt at Humor and Huntsman basically expressed relief that someone had made a joke for once and included him in it. [Buzzfeed]


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