Paultards Leak New Video, Threaten Another Moneybomb

[youtube expand=1]

Wonkette officials have been alerted of a disturbing new "YouTubeBomb" (above) from the Paultard enemy camp. From the surroundings, it appears Paultarda bin Laden -- a well known illegal alien spambot -- made the footage with the usual laser-and-Photoshop personifying parlor tricks.

These scum warn the "pinkos" at Wonkette and "brown-shirted bootlickers" at Redstate that they are coordinating a second "moneybomb" for their leader on December 16th.

In response, Wonkette is issuing a emergency advisory. Americans should protect their Internets by upgrading to new spam filters, and they must be wary of e-mails from exiled Nigerian princes asking for assistance in $50 million wire transfers.

Ron Paul YouTubeBomb: Wonkette/Red State vs. PaulTards... [YouTube]


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