Paultards React To Ron Paul's Latest 'Quitting'

Not that it would have any effect on the Paultard rEVOLution, but how are the hobbits taking the news Main Stream Media Lie that Ron Paul has quit? We checked out everyone's favorite Ron Paul Forums, and here's the answer: Abraham Lincoln, John McCain's "greasy grass," and ninjas. Something involving those three things, and Liberty Ameros.

This is nothing. Abraham Lincoln faced much greater odds when he freed the slaves at the 1860 Convention. Although Ron Paul hates Abraham Lincoln, his model is a good one for CONFUSING THE SHEEPLE:

Besides, look at what John McCain did to those savage "natives:" he dumped death poisons on their "greasy grass." The savages will surely turn this McCain crapfest on its scalped head when convention votin' comes:

"Chocolate chip cookie" is code for RELEASE THE NINJAS TO SEIZE CINDY COUGAR MCCAIN'S PILLS, forcing a reversion to the delightful Articles of Confederation:

Ron Paul is too honest to still accept money on his website if he were "quitting," you see? It's not like he might be trying to pay off his campaign debt or anything, which is what "suspending" campaigns is all about:

Has Ron Paul suspended his campaign? [Ron Paul Forums]


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