Paultards Suffer Crushing Reality Check

you. this is you.The War on Paultards reached a turning point yesterday, and the spambots -- very, very serious this time -- are gasping for breath on the Internets today. A flood of spam in late October promoting Ron Paul has been traced to criminal spambots in Ukraine -- about 3,000 of them! -- that targeted over 162 million e-mail addresses. So. Now. Will these Paultards stop pretending they are real humans?

A researcher at SecureWorks conducted the study, probably because his G-mail spam looked a little heavier than usual:

On the weekend of October 27, 2007, the Internet was suddenly bombarded with a rash of spam emails promoting U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul. The spam run continued until Tuesday, October 30, when it stopped as suddenly as it began. At the same time, political blogs began to light up, accusing the campaign (or at least its ardent supporters) of running a criminal botnet for political purposes. We decided to cut through the spin and take a closer look at this botnet to determine its origins and shine some light on who might be responsible.

Then they looked at stuff like this, which clearly shows that um... stuff... happened... blimp... whatever:

spambot1.jpgThrow in a dash of penis:

spambot2.jpgAnd ultimately the "kingpin" operation is revealed for what it is:

With the facts above, we are left asking the question, "who paid to have the Ron Paul spam sent and how did they connect with the spammer, "nenastnyj?" The evidence shows that despite being capable of sending upwards of 200 million messages a day, nenastnyj is not one of the major spammers of the world, and seems to focus on spamming as an affiliate for larger "kingpin" operations.

Now who's real, bitches?

Inside the 'Ron Paul' Spam Botnet [SecureWorks via Wired]


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