PBS Deploying Furries To Save Its Federal Funding From Teabaggers


When Juan Williams was fired for talking about being nervous around Muslims, Republicans apparently found an opening to defund public broadcasting, which should be used to inform America about Sharia law and to prop up Tucker Carlson's career, not be a place for facts and such. To fight back, Democratic Reps. Ed Markey and Earl Blumenauer got together with some trademarked children's furry characters to talk about how PBS's heavily merchandized teevee shows for children are better than other heavily merchandized teevee shows for children. Wow, life in the minority party is just sad.

“We need your help today,” Markey said as a person dressed as the character walked toward the Capitol building. “We can’t leave Arthur and all of his pals in the lurch.”

The members stood behind dolls of Sesame Street’s Big Bird, Grover and Elmo. Behind them, House aides held up signs showing Bert and Ernie being handed a letter that reads, “GOPink Slip: You are fired,” and another that showed cartoon characters being tossed away from a scale weighed down by “Big Oil.”

“We’re here to create jobs, not lay off Bert and Ernie,” said Rep. Nita Lowey of New York.

Yes, let's not lay off Bert and Ernie. How else are those homos going to donate $2,300 to Democratic candidates each cycle? WE KNOW WHERE YOUR MONEY COMES FROM, LIBRULS.

So PBS has gotten some unfunny members of Congress on board by letting them have sex with bespectacled furries. Are there any other ways they can make themselves seem cool to children? [Daily Caller]


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