Peacenik Hippie Bowe Bergdahl Just Wanted To Shoot Up All The Taliban All The Time. Will Fox Love Him Now?


Turns out that maybe the rightwing deathmonkey legions got it all wrong about Bowe Bergdahl being a touchy-feely hippie who just wanted to commune with the flowers and the little Afghan children (and also to be a death-to-America-shouting traitor). Not only was the guy abig fan of Ayn Rand who wanted to Go Galt, but now a fellow soldier from his unit says Bergdahl loved the smell of napalm in the morning and wished he could have gone out and done some serious warcrimes, but the Man, or the Army, or the Army Man, kept holding him back.

In testimony before a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing Wednesday, Cody Full, a former Army specialist who served with Bergdahl in Afghanistan, said that Bergdahl was frustrated that their mission involved too much hearts and minds stuff and not enough Rambo:

“He didn’t understand why we were doing more humanitarian aid drops, setting up clinics, and helping the populous [sic] instead of hunting the Taliban,” Full told a House Foreign Affairs panel.

Bergdahl was a “good soldier” during military training in California, but shortly after arriving in Afghanistan he started voicing disagreements with the way missions were conducted, Full said.

“He was clearly frustrated that we were instructed to win the hearts and minds of the local populace,” he testified, recalling Bergdahl’s. “He wanted to hunt and kill.”

But in letters to his parents, Bergdahl described the “polar opposites” of actions taking place on the ground, Full said.

Full also said that stories of Bergdahl wandering off base before he went AWOL in June 2009 weren't true, but that he also believed that Bergdahl had a premeditated plan to desert his post -- so maybe all that desire to go out and do some carnage won't buy him any credit with rightwingers after all.

Or maybe this is more evidence that Bergdahl was one messed-up guy? Nahh, never should have brought him back. We really need to be a lot more careful about who we think is worth rescuing.


Doktor Zoom

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