Peanuts To Publish Books With Right-Wing Imprint, Destroy Yet One More Cherished Piece Of Our Childhood


No Mr. O'Reilly, I can't say I think liberals are out to destroy America.

Fantastic news for any masochists who live day to day on the edge where nostalgia for tokens of their childhoods get perverted by the forces of capitalism: Peanuts is getting into bed with the conservative book publisher Regnery in a five-year licensing deal to release books about American history, government and civics under the country’s Little Patriot Press imprint.

Regnery has actually been in the childrens’ book market for some time with Regnery Kids, the imprint responsible for such atrocities as Callista Gingrich’s yiffing fantasy series of illustrated tales about Ellis the Elephant and his adventures in teaching pinko commies why America is the greatest, bestest country that has ever been. You probably didn’t read it because you are a terrible American who would rather suffer under the crushing bootheel of socialism while you fellate Fidel Castro’s limp, dessicated Cuban “cigar” (penis). Little Patriot has its own series of kids’ books that seem to feature anthropomorphized mice teaching kids about the White House, Congress, and presidential pets. We’re sorry we didn’t hear about this before we bought our nephews those Batman and Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys for Hanukkah.


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