Pedophile Industrial Complex Worried New Device Could End Fear of Pedophiles


Jesus, first the defense industry loses Joe Lieberman, and now the pedophile-castration industry suffers this?

A mobile phone application which claims to identify adults posing as children is to be released.

The team behind Child Defence says the app can analyse language to generate an age profile, identifying potential paedophiles. [...]

Child campaigning charity NSPCC hopes the application will encourage children to report the crime - but warned of complacency.

Chris Cloke, head of child protection said: "It can lull us into thinking that the child is safe and therefore we can move onto something else.

First of all, no, this is not going to work. "Kids, if another child on the Internet starts talking about their 401k or extolling the virtues of cupcakes as an "artisan" dessert, alert an adult immediately."

Second of all, it is hilarious these media-available "child-protection experts" can feel so threatened by such a dumb, useless item that also makes its money from fear. Heaven forbid people actually start being concerned with real threats, such as the heart disease/diabetes cocktail that is currently killing them, the economy being broken forever and imploding society, or BIRDS DROPPING POOP/THEMSELVES OUT OF THE SKY. [BBC]


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