Peggy Noonan BRINGS IT In National Review Interview

Peggy Noonan BRINGS IT In National Review Interview

Hark, what arriveth in our inboxes? It doth verily appear to be a "peggy noonan" Google Alert! What pleasures cometh our way on this Holy Day of Eleckt. We all remember that fateful day in 2006 when Peggy Noonanfirst chanced upon a Mexican -- how her quill flowed, then! -- but now Ms. Noonan has broken another barrier: speaking with a Mexican. And not just any Mexican, either: Kathryn Jean "K-Lo" Lopez, the former office secretary of National Review! What results is a tempestuous sojourn into the black heart of the American bizarre.

K-Lo -- who, btw, No Longer Reads Wonkette after her illiteracy acted up as she was reading this post, in which we offered sympathy to young Trig for the deeply vulgar way in which conservatives have used his basic birth & being as their own plastic prop to judge those who make different personal choices regarding their bodies, to conceal Palin's glaring weaknesses as a candidate, and to be crassly strutted around in partisan garb for the sole reward of a few extra manipulated votes -- asks Peggy a whole bunch of stupid, party-hack questions about how she MORALLY JUSTIFIES criticizing the Republican party with an election coming up.

Peggy does not care for this young Mexican's questions and regularly seizes the opportunity to chide her, gently:

Lopez: There is no Bill Buckley or Ronald Reagan conservative running for president. But doesn’t McCain-Palin come closest?

Noonan: This question seems to me wrongheaded, or perhaps I mean not so realistic, in this sense. I said in a speech to Republicans down south about a year ago that if it were 1885, and Republicans were sitting around saying, ‘When will another Lincoln come?’ and ‘Is this candidate Lincolnesque?’ you would sit in the back of the hall and think: These people are sad.

Ha ha. But the two become friends anew by the end, culminating in this epochal Noonanese moment of closure:

So these are your answers, my beloved Kathryn, and after heartsickness and even some leading questions, may we once again after the election once again go to Mass together, and have fun.

And the Fun willst be Good, aye.

Grace Will Lead Me Home? [National Review]


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