Peggy Noonan Despises This Devil's Medal, And Its Recipient

Peggy Noonan Despises This Devil's Medal, And Its Recipient

It is Hell-o-ween come early, children. Gather 'round, for DamePeggington Noonington, chief word-writer for the notable Wall Street Journal banking pamphlet, hath composed a Second Weekly Article, doubleth her normal output. She worketh harder than most humans. It is her Duty and she shall performeth it, in times of national crisis, such as it was Friday. That was when disastrous monster Barack Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize, from the communists! Peggington heard this news item on her radio machine, Ate nine pills, and typed -- for Madame was furious at this, "this wicked and ignorant award, this mischievous honor."

Before this year's award. The Nobel Prize. What was it? I will check the encyclopaedia to answer this question, about this thing. What was it before it was the Devil's Medal, which it is now?

It was a good thing, the Nobel Peace Prize. Every year the giving of it was a matter of note throughout the world, almost a matter of state. It was serious.

It was a recognition of magnificence. It was known to children. Did it ever go to a Mexican? One time, I saw a Mexican. Did that Mexican ever win it? I saw God in that Mexican. What race was Mother Teresa? Perhaps black. It is unknown. God knows this answer. God knows these things.

It mattered that it was given to a woman like Mother Teresa in 1979. She had lived for 30 years with the poorest of the poor; she and her Missionaries of Charity dressed their wounds, healed their illnesses, and literally carried them from the streets to mats and beds in a home where they would at least have in death the thing they had not had in life, someone to care for them. She didn't just care for them, she did the hard thing: She loved them. Her life was heroic, epic, and when she was given the Nobel Peace Prize, it was as if the world were saying, "You are the best we have. You are living a life that should be emulated."

You are a human. Among humans you are perhaps the best. At least Top Five. No, nevermindeth that. Best Human of All Time. Is Barack Obama this human in To-day's globe? And who took my pants? I was wearing pants, earlier. Ronald Reagan. I used to work for that Human. He never won this thing.

It was always absurd that Ronald Reagan, whose political project led to the end of the gulag and the fall of the Berlin Wall, and who gambled his personal standing in the world for a system that would protect the common man from annihilation in a nuclear missile attack, could not win it. But nobody wept over it, and for one reason: because everyone, every sentient adult who cared to know about such things, knew that the Nobel Peace Prize is, when awarded to a political figure, a great and prestigious award given by liberals to liberals. NCNA--no conservatives need apply. This is the way of the world, and so what? Life isn't for prizes.

And yet, I write this article, in a fit. I am so furious. You cannot tell because you cannot view me. But I am furious right now about this thing.

What I will do now is release the reins. I will now go insane. I will go insane about the Internet and use the youth word, "nah." I will give you pleasure.

America hasn't just helped the world, it literally lit the world with its inventions, which are the product of its freedoms. The lights under which the Peace Prize judges read, and rejected, the worthy nominations? Why, those lights were invented by an American. The emails the committee members sent to each other, sharing their banal insights on leadership? They came through the Internet. Who invented the Internet? It was a Norwegian bureaucrat with a long face and hair on his nose and little plastic geometric eyeglasses? Oh wait, it was Americans. The members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee are healthy because they have been inoculated against diseases such as polio. Who invented the polio vaccine, an enfeebled old leftist academic in Oslo? Nah, it was a man named Jonas Salk. He was an American.

To hear more from celebrated person Peggy Noonan, attend Harvard.

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