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Children, wenches: thou canst breathe. Chief wordsmith of the Wall Street Journal banking pamphlet, the regal majestic and most comely Madame Queen Peggington Noonington, hath Christened and Blessed thine conservative dauphin, Scottington the Nude. This Nude Man. For only He, this sterling griffin of Man, possesseth the Royal Strength to constructeth thine Third Reich of Massachusetts Bay Colony Republicans.

Firstington, there wereth the White Male Republicans, the "Brahmans." These men were rich, monied. They owned many things. They died. They were mortal. They were humans.

We are Humans.

Secondingtonshire, there came to be the next Reich: the White Male Republicans. Saucy. ROBUST! RIGOROUS! Catholic. Reagan. They lovedeth Ronald Reagan and Catholicism. They stoodeth in Defiance to the Africkan.

Thine Third Reich of Republicans, founded up the rock of this Nude Human, shall be called the White Male Republicans. They are American. They look it. They appeareth like Americans. Ahh, these creatures! These Men!

These Humans.

See, Americans Look Like This... [The Awl]


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