Peggy Noonan Wins 2017 Pulitzer For Commentary. We'll Just Let That Sink In.

Dammit, Mama bit into an olive pit.

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for commentary today. Yeah, we know! The Pulitzer website -- we double-checked to make sure it wasn't like "" -- attempts to explain what happened:

For rising to the moment with beautifully rendered columns that connected readers to the shared virtues of Americans during one of the nation’s most divisive political campaigns.

Um. So yes, that would probably mean the Pulitzer committee got into Maureen Dowd's candy jar.

In any case, congratulations, Dame Peggington Noonington! We'd pour you a drink, but that would be redundant, now wouldn't it? The portrait of Robert Taft has no doubt offered you its best wishes already. Everyone get ready for the inevitable column in which Ronald Reagan smiles down on her from heaven.

Also, just to be absolutely clear, we wrote our headline before seeing Charlie Pierce's Tweet on the matter:

In a far less jaw-dislocating decision, The Washington Post's David Fahrenthold won the prize for National Reporting, which frankly was almost a no-brainer. The Pulitzer website praised his "persistent reporting that created a model for transparent journalism in political campaign coverage," and we'd call that one accurate, to say the least.

The other Pulitzers are listed right here, for your discussion pleasure. Please try to keep a civil tongue, and please, try to refrain from friendship-ending fights over the poetry prize. We know how high-strung you poetic types can get.

Now get to open-threading!

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[2017 Pulitzer Prizes / WaPo]

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