Pelosi Wants Air Force Shuttle Service; White House Leaks To Moonies

No one can resist the golden lasso.  - WonketteNancy Pelosi's just two creeps away from the presidency, so she wants military planes to take her back and forth to San Francisco. That's pretty normal these days, as Hastert had a C-5 carry him to Illinois all the time. But Pelosi wants the USAF flights for her entire staff and family members and the whole California delegation and pretty much anybody who pleases Madame Speaker.

Dan Bartlett A knowledgeable source tells the Washington Times that Pelosi wants "carte blanche for an aircraft any time." Take that, Pelosi! See how it works? Speaker of the House makes a request to the Pentagon, the Pentagon sends it to the White House, the White House leaks it to the Moonie Times, Wonkette gleefully passes it on. (UPDATE: Wonkette commenter nicolsonde actually knows who leaked it!)

Speaker pursues military flights [Washington Times]


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