Pennsylvania Reports Voter Intimidation From ... REPUBLICANS?!?

Pennsylvania Reports Voter Intimidation From ... REPUBLICANS?!?

So you know that huge terrifying black man we told you about, who isharassing old white ladies by opening the door for them? That's called "voter intimidation," and it's practiced by minorities and the United Nations and tricky Democrats, because they don't want to play by the rules, they can't help it, they're just awful people.

Far more awful, for example, than the upstanding Republicans of Allegheny County, Pa., who are so patriotic they showed up to polling places this morning to enforce laws that don't even exist!

What's all this about, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review?

An Allegheny County judge on Tuesday issued an order to halt electioneering outside a polling location in Homestead.

County officials received a complaint shortly before 10 a.m. Tuesday that Republicans outside a polling location on Maple Street in Homestead were stopping people outside the polls and asking for identification.

Wait, you mean strangers can't just show up places and demand identification from people? I'm sorry, I thought this was America. They're only trying to help! In Pennsylvania, they need photo IDs to vote, right?

voters need not show identification for this year’s election.

Ohh. So they're just outside, scaring people away, because they don't want them to vote, in the name of liberty. Buncha nice folks, they are, over there on Maple Street. WAY nicer than those other people, who show up with their berets and slam-dunking and leather gloves, to make sure people get to vote. Those guys are the worst.

[Tribune-Review via ThinkProgress]

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