So you remember that charming young man, Mark Kessler, the police chief for Gilberton, Pennsylvania? He's the guy who wants to "cleanse" America of all the enemies of liberty, like libtards who all "take it in the ass." He also posted a video where he shot up targets that he labeled "Nancy Pelosi" and "John Kerry" and so on, but he also says he's not in favor of armed rebellion, at least not just yet. That guy. Well since we are in the mood today for updates, how about an update on Chief Asshat? Yes, please, Salon's Alex Seitz-Wald, we would read that! We bet this guy just has a million wingnut supporters coming out of the woodwork...

Meanwhile, a group of pro-gun law enforcement and military officials with whom Kessler has aligned himself say they want nothing to do with the chief. “Chief Kessler is not working with Oath Keepers, nor is Oath Keepers working with him,” Elias Alias, who sits on the Oath Keeper’s board of directors, said in an email to Salon.

Oh no...the libtards have gotten to the Oath Keepers, too! It's the only possible conclusion! (Also, "Elias Alias" is totally a name for a punk rock singer, not a militia guy.)

Now that he's gotten national attention (or at least blogopspherian attention, which is not necessarily the same thing, the blogger said sadly), Kessler is predictably shifting into Full Victim Mode, telling NBC News that he is "not a delusional lunatic" (thanks for the clarification!) and predicting that the powers that be have him in their sights, possibly just metaphorically. Speaking while on vacation, Kessler predicted "I’ll probably be out of a job by the time I get home." Or maybe not -- Salon notes that

Gilberton Mayor Mary Lou Hannon told the AP that “the profanity and violence in [the video] was a little upsetting,” but said that Kessler has been a “loyal” public servant. The chief is also a member of the North Schuylkill school board, which released a statement Friday saying that it doesn’t “condone or agree” with Kessler, but has little power to remove any of its members.

But as we know, criticizing a guy who says insane things is exactly the same as trying to silence him, so yeah, the First Amendment is once again at dire risk, for the 74th time this morning.

On his weekly podcast, Kessler continued his bid to be taken as seriously as Ted Nugent, predicting that "It’s about to get very ugly" now that he's made all the treasonous libtards mad at him. We'll let Salon summarize:

He was completely and totally unrepentant, and called out his critics by name: The local school board president is a “fucking fat fuck,” detractor radio hosts are “faggots,” and the sheriff is an “illustrious piece of shit.” Noting that his father fought in Vietnam, Kessler added: “He killed better people than these fucking scumbags that are attacking me today.”

Oh, and Kessler's also a birther. Bet you didn't see THAT coming!

In other words, Chief Mark Kessler still has a job -- but now he's "embattled" -- he's spewing more of the same batshit idiocy about enemies foreign and domestic (but mostly domestic), he thinks a lot of people need to die but is not making any overt threats, and he's urging all good patriots to stockpile guns and ammo so they can resist the inevitable federal government oppression when the shit hits the fan, which is bound to happen any day now.

Keep fuckin' that Tree Of Liberty, dude.


Doktor Zoom

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