Oh look they've got cute little mascot patches for THEIR air force, too! - WonketteGood news, America: With the Pentagon's sale of thousands of fighter-jet parts that only be used by Iran's Air Force, there is still hope of a Gulf of Tonkin-style incident to finally start the War Against New Worst Enemy Iran!

The American-made F-14 Tomcat fighters, named for the well-known scientologist nut couple, were sold to Iran a while back -- the U.S. has been arming Iran either openly or covertly without interruption since the 1700s. And now, Iran has the only air force still using the somewhat outdated but still pretty bitchin' jet fighters.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Pentagon sold more than a thousand aircraft parts that could be used on F-14 fighter jets -- a plane flown only by Iran -- after announcing it had halted sales of such surplus, government investigators say ....

But investigators found that roughly 1,400 parts that could be used on F-14 "Tomcat" fighter jets were sold to the public in February. That came after the Pentagon announced it had suspended sales of all parts that could be used on the Tomcat while it reviewed security concerns.

The Pentagon's surplus sales division told investigators the parts were sold because it failed to update an automated control list and remove the aircraft parts before they were listed on its Internet sales site.

The GAO's investigation focused on F-14 parts. Iran is known to be seeking those, and if the parts were publicly available, it could endanger national security, Greg Kutz, the GAO's managing director of special investigations, wrote. Iran has managed to obtain U.S. spares in the past, he said.

That's right, you can now arm your Axis of Evil U.S. warplanes with Pentagon spare parts, right off the Internet. Shop online and save!

Also, bonus fun fact: The first Iranian pilots to fly the new U.S. jets trained at Miramar NAS in San Diego, the famed "TOPGUN" school made famous by "Tom Kat." (TOPGUN has since moved to Fallon NAS just east of Reno, and the Marine Corps took over Miramar.)

Despite concerns over Iran's F-14's, Pentagon sells off surplus jet parts [AP]


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