Pentagon Caught Inventing 'Canadian Spy Coin' Story

'Stop fiddling around with things you don't understand.' - WonketteThe Defense Department finally admitted that its claims of "Canadian spy coins" found tracking U.S. defense contractors is just some crazy made-up bullshit that ended up in an official DoD espionage report last week.

The news, obviously, is that this time the Pentagon actually acknowledged its pointless lies. It usually takes 10 years, thousands of dead U.S. troops and a few failed occupations to get anybody over there to admit any culpability.

The extra-great part is nobody knows where the ridiculous Magical Canadian Coins Hunt U.S. Contractors story even originated -- it just showed up in the report with all the other stupid lies.

U.S.: Whoops! Official report of Canada spy coins not true [IHT]


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