Pentagon Freaking Out Li'l Bit About President Sh*t-Tyrant's Behavior, Probably No Big

Anything going on in the news this Christmas week? Nah. Just Donald Trump still trying to overthrow the election and pardoning homicidal maniac garbage human beings who committed mass murder while working for Blackwater in Iraq. And criminal former Republican congressmen who endorsed him quickly, but nonetheless are criminals. And people convicted in Robert Mueller's investigation into how Trump had a stiffy to let Russia help him steal the 2016 election, including George Papadopoulos, whose drunk disclosure to an Australian diplomat about Russia helping steal the 2016 election, which Pap lied to the FBI about, kicked off the entire investigation in the first place. We'll have more on that today!

But you know, otherwise not much.

Anyway, CNN's Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr has a report out about how the Pentagon is freaking the fuck out about what Trump is going to do next, so that's awesome, especially considering how Sidney Powell is trying to get Trump to HEREBY ORDER the voting machines seized, and disgraced traitor Michael Flynn has been nudging Trump toward trying to declare martial law in swing states he lost to overturn the election. In other words, a literal military coup.

The quotes are probably not quotes you should read if you were already on edge today.

"We don't know what he might do," says one officer in the Pentagon. "We are in strange times," says another officer. [...]

Will the President order some unexpected military action, such as a strike on Iran, or will he somehow draw the military into his efforts to overthrow the election results?

It's a troubling enough scenario that military leaders have taken the unusual step of publicly stating that they will not play a role in deciding an American election. [...]

One officer said people are making "lists" of everything they can think of that the President might do.

That's actually a really good thing. It's thorough. We hope the list goes all the way up to and surpasses Hitler shit, because when you're dealing with dregs of humanity like Donald Trump, who would probably literally throw himself out a window like a common Russian journalist if he ever confronted what a loser he is, you can't put anything past them.

Starr reports that the Pentagon has been freaking out ever since Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper and put in some idiot, and replaced all the rest of the top leadership with rotting trash from under the seats of Devin Nunes's clown car. But they REALLY started freaking out Friday after Trump's meeting with the Krakhead and the Traitor. That, combined with Michael Flynn going on Newsmax and whispering about martial law was what led the Pentagon to actually feel it had to say out loud that actually, no, the military would not be participating in coups to overturn the election.

A day after Flynn's Newsmax video aired, Gen. James McConville, the Army chief of staff, and Ryan McCarthy, the Army secretary and a Trump appointee, issued a terse statement saying, "There is no role for the U.S. military in determining the outcome of an American election."

Yep, that's where we are.

So what will the military do? Will they hold the line, even with the guys who hold Devin Nunes's cows' hair back when they get drunk (allegedly!) running the Pentagon?

Well, according to Starr's sources, it sounds like probably.

Several military officials tell CNN that for the remainder of his term, if Trump issues any orders, the key will be whether they are determined to be legal. If they are not legal, and the President cannot be talked out of potential illegal orders, it could raise difficult questions about what senior military leaders do next.

If they are legal — even if distasteful — they will be followed. If they are not legal, and the President cannot be talked out of them, the situation could raise dire questions about whether senior military leaders feel they can stay on the job.

You tell Trump to fuck off and go eat ham somewhere and you resign. Or say the fuck off and go eat ham thing and don't resign. Make the un-American loser fire you, for the 28 days left he still has that authority. It's that simple.

Never-Trumper person Bill Kristol, whom we used to hate but don't hate quite as much as we used to, because these years are weird, spoke to some of his own sources and seemed to corroborate what Barbara Starr has been hearing:

Kristol says to watch to see what happens on Dec. 24. You know, Christmas Eve, when you'd normally be with family and/or friends, but instead, because of Donald Trump's murderous incompetence and inability to accept his status as the world's biggest loser, you won't be doing that, because 2020 is Donald Trump's year of the greatest amount of death in American history, and it's not safe.

So he'll probably ruin the weak excuse we get for Christmas this year, because he destroys everything he touches.

All of our other emotions about this are unpublishable, the end.


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