You're all going to feel dumb when she wins this thingWhy has Hillary Clinton, the scrappiest, most battle-scarred political veteran in American history, failed to find traction with a certain small demographic (residents of 22 primary states)? Her many advisors and supporters have a rainbow of opinions as diverse as America itself!

Lardbot and numbers wizard Mark Penn suggests that Clinton's rival, Barack Obama, has been more successful at attracting "impressionable elites"--that is, America's growing population of rich, dumb suckers. Hassan Nemazee, one of Clinton's national finance chairs, blames betting the farm on early races and failing to put boots on the ground in states not called "Iowa" or "New Hampshire." Some donors blamed deposed campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle, who was apparently something of a lightweight. Others suggest Clinton's failure to reveal her sparkling personality has cost her.

We suspect it's her inability to stroke large crowds to climax. That and the pantsuits.

Why Is Clinton's Back Against Wall? Nobody Prepared [New York Observer]


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