People Share The Chilling Moments They Can't Explain! Tabs., Thurs., April 15, 2021

People Share The Chilling Moments They Can't Explain! Tabs., Thurs., April 15, 2021
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Happy Christmas, war is over? "After two decades, troops have an end date on America's longest war. But it took a White House ready to pull rank on the military." (Politico)

I still think Old Handsome Joe Biden should announce a Christmas 2020 do-over to take place over Fourth of July, while we're on the subject of it not actually being Christmas right now.

This Republican dude is right: Masks SHOULDN'T have a political party. Unfortunately, they're fucking lunatics, and so they do. (MLive)

All the murders the white power people wanted to do after their failed coup, or as Tucker Carlson calls them, "a mob of older people from unfashionable zip codes" who had to get to DC by bus. — Gizmodo

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, the budget hawks who even so were like "yeah, gotta do stimulus deficit spending obviously, don't be dim" (they started getting a little itchy on like the seventh go-around) now say the big spending in Joe Biden's Make America Jobs Again will *reduce* the debt. So. Full steam ahead and also solar and geothermal and railroad and water pipes. AND OLD DAD'S NURSE TOO. Jazz hands: Infrastructure! /Jazzhands. (CRFB)

Matt Gaetz, still gross. — Daily Beast

"[I]f Trump had won reelection and McConnell had hung onto the Senate, Republicans would be working on court expansion right now. There just aren't a lot of vacancies left in the federal judiciary. Republicans can always find some casus belli for stacking the courts with conservative judges. The only question is whether Democrats will ever realize there's a war, and they're losing it." It's depressing! Read as much as you can! — Elie Mystal at The Nation

The GOP autopsy on how to win the next election has nothing, but nothing, to do with getting more votes. It has to do with chasing the last pro-democracy GOP officeholders out of town until they can get their secretaries of state and legislatures to declare a Will to Power. (The Bulwark)

It also has to do with the courts doing all the GOP's legislating for them. — Amanda Marcotte interviews Ian Millhiser at Salon

After Jamie's post on how no way no how would $12,000 be enough for her to move back to West Virginny, I ... kind of want to take their money and spend a year in West Virginny! (Trip Advisor Lewisburg even though yes all our readers are in Morgantown) Meanwhile, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice: A model, asshole? (Forbes)

Wait no, fuck you West Virginia, we are all going to buy 1 Euro Italian houses instead. (1 Euro Houses)

Shy says we can't move to Italy because he just heard that video and now he's a fascist dictator :(

OKAY FINE, there's some good Matrix glitches, CHILLING MOMENTS, even, that they CAN'T EXPLAIN! Don't keep this tab open too long, they kill your browser. (Factinate)

OKAY FINE, it is baked feta tomato pasta from TikTok, yes from Tiktok. But by way of Delish.

Do your Amazon shopping through this link, because reasons.

Thank you for keeping Wonkette going FOREVER. In an Italian villa most likely, don't say I didn't warn you.

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