Since the Potomac Chesapeake Crab Mid-Atlantic Brackish Water Primaries are tomorrow in Marlyand, DC and Virginia, your Wonkette decided to go places and "cover" things in person! Being around other humans, it's the worst. [Shudder]. Tonight, we're visiting a Bill Clinton rally at Virginia's George Mason University, home of The Seventeen. They were just playing "Living on a Prayer" by Jon Bon Jovi. The college kids were shouting VERY LOUDLY. More photos from the "pre-show" after the jump.

Look, it's children and old people. Barack Obama is doing coke in one of the private study rooms:

They sell blue books and answer sheets for the SAT at candy machines here. We bought 4,000 of each and immediately regretted this decision:

Bill is using big banners with his wife's name to win the female vote in his third run for the president. Go Bill Clinton! Don't, stop, thinkin' about tomorrow...


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