People Trust Overtly Evil, Profiteering Money Corporations To Reform Health Care More Than They Do Republicans


Yes: more Americans would prefer to have Satanic pharmaceutical/insurance corporations -- entities that exist solely to profit from the nation's poor health, ones that would choose to see eventual government debt default & apocalypse over the creation of a public, non-discriminatory health plan to cover actual sick people -- as one of the two major American political parties debating health care reform, instead of the Republicans. (Not that the Democrats in Congress fare much better, and they shouldn't!)

But really now, how could as many as 40% of Americans think, "I am confident that the pharmaceutical companies will recommend the right thing for reforming the U.S. healthcare system." Do we need a little National Conversation on the competing goals of profit vs. non-profit players when legislation to slash prices is the game?

[Gallup via Ezra Klein]


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