People Who Clearly Partied Way Too Hard. Tabs, Wed., July 8, 2020

People Who Clearly Partied Way Too Hard. Tabs, Wed., July 8, 2020

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador.

The medical report (reported by the former Florida covid database manager/confirmed by Buzzfeed) for Carsyn Leigh Davis, a 17-year-old girl who died of COVID-19 after her QAnon nurse mother treated her at home with azithromycin, after she got the virus presumably at the party with 100 kids, free food, DJs, karaoke, and basketball, at her church. (Medical report)

This lady is funny and should be doing videos for Wonkette.

Climate change denial and the coronavirus 'hoax' are the same conspiracy theory. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Our Minds Aren't Equipped for This Kind of Reopening: As states ease restrictions on businesses, individuals face a psychological morass.

My academic subspecialty is the psychology of judgment and decision making. The foundational experiment in this discipline began with the prompt: "Imagine that the United States is preparing for an outbreak of an unusual Asian disease." (The glibly xenophobic use of "Asian" as a shortcut to inducing fear and confusion is a subject for another article.) The experiment asked participants to choose between two public-health policies: In option A, one-third of the population survives for sure, but no one else makes it; in option B, there is a one-third chance that all survive, but a two-thirds chance that none do.

The Atlantic

Man, ProPublica lives to serve! Here's their searchable database for every PPP loan over $150,000. (ProPublica)

Three airline industry companies laid off all their workers then got bailouts so they wouldn't lay off workers, haha, clever companies! — ProPublica

One among your number takes issue with the Harper's CRYYYY for FREEEEEDOM. It's very good! — Medium

Michael Cohen was cut loose from prison because of fear of coronavirus. Could photos of him eating in restaurants put him back in the pokey? (New York Post)

Sure yeah, Mike Pompeo, ban TikTok. That's not Chinesey at all. CNN

How the little village of Bethel, Ohio, became a shitpot of racists beating up schoolteachers for demonstrating that Black Lives Matter. — Anne Helen Petersen at Buzzfeed News

Whether they began as racial or not, a lot of terms now have racist connotations. But did you know "grandfathered in" was specifically about keeping Black people from voting after the Civil War? (CNN)

How, how Paul Krugman, did America lose the war against COVID-19? — New York Times

How, how David Roth, does Starship Troopers align with our current moment of American defeat? (New Yorker)

Max Boot would like to depress you with all the ways he thought up for Trump to steal the election after losing the election. And he would know, he's a Republican. It's really their thing. — Washington Post

It all comes down to crucial Waukesha County: Astead Herndon interviews the young head of the Waukesha Dems. (New York Times)

Meanwhile, here's four bad judicial decisions on voting, several from Wisconsin, the new epicenter of voter suppression! Don't we have fun! — Slate

Things We Learned in the Fire. Lovely, by Athenae, First Draft

An oral history of the time San Diego's four barges of fireworks all went off at one, clusterfuckedly. — Thrillist

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