Non-Glenn-Beck-Watchers Are Morons, Says Man Who Can't Spell Own Name


Hey, our friend Dennis with the animated upskirt kiddy cartoon e-mail signature sent us another notice about being pinheads. "Yep, pinheads who don't watch Glenn Beck really are progressive morons. Mr. Beck constantly tells his vast audience 'Don't take my word for it, look-it up for yourself. We have and found his tenets to be factual. Progressive just 'hate' the truth." Is "hate" in quotation marks because he's being sarcastic? Or is he quoting the very objective scientific research about liberals he "look-ited" up? By the way, the background of the e-mail is a pretty pink this time! And when he signs the message, Dennis spells his own name incorrectly.

Looks like somebody forgot to turn off the "pretending to be an 9-year-old girl on the Internet" setting on the ol' e-mail machine.


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