People Who Don't Watch HBO Furious About HBO

You know what was "great" about thewingnuts freaking out about the Dunkin' Donuts ad freakout? Dunkin' Donuts is actually a product these people use, daily, by eating bags of donuts. And then they start calling the AM talk radio shows, and next thing you know the angry white appliance repairman is wondering if he should really be eating at Dunkin' Donuts five times a day ... so maybe he takes his business to the local donut shop run by the nice Palestinian family. Much more common is the wingnut pretend-boycott of something they wouldn't ever use, even if they knew about it. Such is the fury over HBO's little-watched yet much-discussed Recount, a movie about the horrible 2000 election and Florida debacle.

So there was this movie, Recount, about the Florida recount. Apparently it didn't do so well, as far as audience. But it was Memorial Day, and HBO things run about a hundred times anyway, so who cares. Elitist reviewers liked it -- they like that Kevin Spacey! -- and elitist public-radio listeners who read the film critics in the newspapers were probably happy, the end. Right?

Hell no! The wingnuts are PISSED. Look at 'em go nuts about something they'll never ever see:

  • More crap out of hollyweird, when will they learn? Just like the libs. Hey idiots 1 "the sun doesn't set when you close your eyes" 2 the rest of the country doesn't think like you!
  • I so proud I cancel my HBO account last had been a long time coming. I only hung on to see "The Wire" to much filler, pussies(Betty Maher) and political BS. It's a $180 extra in my pocket each year now.
  • If we did not have these left wing weenies I guess we would just have to cling to our guns our God and hate people that are not like use.
  • Typical Hollywood drivel. I love that America is rejecting Hollywood's idiotic world view, whether it's this film or the many anti-troop movies about American soldiers.
  • I had hbo as well it has turned to total I got rid of it.I know it has all to do with bush and gas prices na that is b.s it has to do with a bad produc

HBO's 'Recount' a Few Votes Short [Hollywood Reporter Live Feed]


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