People Who Were Never The Same After Being On Ellen! Tabs, Thurs., Dec. 3, 2020

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Trump said some stuff, as he is wont to do.

Oh, a year after a judge ordered them to reunite families, it seems the Trump admin did have some phone numbers to help reunite kids with their deported parents. Why didn't they give it up before, instead insisting it was somehow the (nongovernmental) ACLU's job to find kids' families? Well, what a good question. — NBC

Ivanka got deposed regarding the inauguration grift (CNN) which just reminds me of the AMAZING Paul Manafort longread when one of the million anecdotes was him shaking down naug vendors for bags of cash because, they guessed, he "needed a new deck." (Wonkette)

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is literally the government. She finds the idea that she is supposed to "help" hilarious.

And an excellent riposte from a pal on Twitter. And look at that, it says "fuck 2020" RIGHT ON IT! Psychics, us!

One of these days, Amy Coney Barrett will cast a vote that doesn't kill people. — Scott Lemieux at Lawyers Guns and Money

Biden and public lands. I'll let Erik Loomis do the extravagant blockquoting. (LGM)

Mitch McConnell doesn't actually want to pass another stimulus? Who could ever have guessed. (HuffPost)

Holy shit is Treas Sec Steven Mnuchin the actual fucking worst.

How Jay Rosen would like to fix the Mark Halperin/Chris Cillizza school of political journalism, and it's not "by slapping them up the head." — PressThink

Fox News is clutching its fainting couch that Joe Biden's comms team has comms experience. A few receipts from the Fox News Trump White House revolving door, courtesy of Daily Kos.

Can someone please sue me in Georgia?

Your friend Crip Dyke thinks Elliot Page's coming out as trans is extremely important specifically because Page once starred in Juno, a movie about reproductive rights, and has thoughts about how that impacts the binary concept of gender, etc. — FreeThoughtBlogs

Don't know how this is gonna work, but the Obamses are producing a comedy about Trump's fucked up Cabinet departments. As someone who watched one episode of the "That's My Bush" "comedy" program, I hope it's not like that! (Vanity Fair)

Clean energy corps overtook the fossil fuel giants in "market capitalization." I don't know what that means. — Bloomberg

Black farmers (and other small farmers) dropped from the USDA's food box program in favor of, like, Sysco. (Civil Eats) In related news, I'm still stanning Rep. Marcia Fudge for Ag secretary. (Bio)

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