As Per Usual, Thinkers Offer Unsolicted Advice

As Per Usual, Thinkers Offer Unsolicted Advice

Tuesday, November 3: The Center for American Progress has somehow managed to hire God as a Senior Fellow. His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the patriarch of Orthodox Christianity, will be discussing the nature of progress, an ever-so-fascinating topic, tomorrow at Georgetown University. [Center for American Progress]

  • Tuesday, November 3: The US: capable superpower or pointless entity?  CATO asks if the US actually has the capacity to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions or if we should start building bunkers.  [CATO]
  • Wednesday, November 4: True to form, the Heritage Foundation has taken something supported by the Democrats (this time it's health care) and declared it to be too costly, the main cause of death in kids under age 5, and a blatant attack on our freedoms and, of course, states' rights. [Heritage Foundation]
  • Wednesday, November 4: According to Dick Cheney, Obama needs to stop listening to advice and just take action in Afghanistan, which is exactly why his outpost, AEI, is hosting a discussion offering Obama advice about what his next steps should be for Afghanistan. [AEI]

    Friday, November 6: Our dear old pres has yet to go to Asia, but, thankfully, the Brookings Institution has taken the liberty to plan the entire itinerary for his trip. They may even spoon feed him all his meals. [Brookings Institution]


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