Spanking fetishist and former Jessica Cutler-fucker Robert Steinbuch just likes suing people. He likes it so much that he's filed two suits against Cutler and asked to add Wonkette Emerita Ana Marie Cox to both. He briefly wanted to add your current Wonkette editors too (for calling him a spanking fetishist), but was eventually dissuaded. Unfortunately, Original Wonkette hasn't gotten off so lightly, as a court document from yesterday shows:

The Court therefore will grant plaintiff's motion for leave to file an amended complaint and to add Ms. Cox as a defendant. The Court notes, however, that it has reservations regarding the addition of Ms. Cox as a party, given the tenor of the amended complaint.

So Ana's getting sued for invasion of privacy. She's hardcore. But she doesn't need to get too worried:

The Court is troubled by plaintiff's approach to this case, and his desire to add as defendants persons connected to Ms. Cutler's blog simply because she has mentioned them in her pleading.

Yeah, we're a little troubled by his approach too, especially since we no longer have a lawyer on staff.



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