Peter Navarro And Maria Bartiromo Can't Stop, Won't Stop Telling Trump's Fascist Big Lie

We don't say this often, haha yes we do, but this appearance by batshit White House trade idiot Peter Navarro on the Fox Business show "Is Maria Bartiromo Judge Boxwine's Stunt Double Or Is She A Different Person Entirely?" is atrocious. We've known Navarro was the bottom of the barrel for a long time, which you'd have to be to still be working for Trump.

Navarro, who is bad at literally everything, has been pushing Trump's fascist Big Lie about how he actually won the election he lost, and HARD. He's been releasing his own surely very scientific dispatches called The Art of the Steal, where he says he PROVES the election was stolen from his Dear Leader. On January 5, the day before the terrorist attack on the Capitol, Navarro tweeted what he said was a "detailed account" of the "Democrat Party [sic] Grand 'Stuff The Ballot Box' Strategy" to steal the election. Trump Nazi Sebastian Gorka tweeted out Navarro's report the same day.

And then the murders began. Literally! The next day!

Now, eight days after terrorists breached the Capitol, possibly with the help of actual congressmen (that story is about to blow up, we think), even after Donald Trump was impeached a second time for inciting that attack, Peter Navarro is still on TV spreading Trump's fascist Big Lie. And Maria Bartiromo is more than OK with that! In fact she'd like to spread the Big Lie some more herself!

NAVARRO: I would be remiss by not saying to you, Maria, that what happened yesterday, um, was a travesty.

He means Democrats and 10 Republicans including Liz Cheney impeaching Donald Trump, who, in Cheney's words, "summoned his mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack." She added, "There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution." Indeed there has not. Holding him accountable for inciting that attack, as the grand climax of his Big Lie campaign, is what Navarro thinks is a "travesty."

So about that Big Lie!

NAVARRO: [T]he Democrat [sic] party did violence to this country by attacking a president who I believe was legally elected on November 3.

It doesn't matter what Peter Navarro fucking believes! Peter Navarro is an absolute mental clown, a black belt in "dimwit," whose opinions and beliefs should be irrelevant to every sentient American!

NAVARRO: If the election were held today, he'd be elected again, and if he runs in 2024, he will be elected then. And I think that's what the Democrats fear.

Trump's approval rating never hit 50 percent, he is loathed by not only a gigantic majority of Americans but also of the entire world population, and his name will be remembered as America's most humiliated loser, the most hated failed president in all of American history. His current approval rating is 34 percent, which means after inciting that attack, he's basically left just with his frothing base of deplorables.

But yeah, sure, Peter go off.

NAVARRO: And I've never been more pissed off in my life at this place.

Get fucked.

NAVARRO: And I think there's 74 million Americans out there who voted for Trump who feel exactly the same way.

The 81 MILLION AMERICANS who voted for Joe Biden really don't care, do U?

But what do you think those 74 million Americans should do, Peter? What are you saying they should do with this Big Lie?

Maria Bartiromo decided it was time to chime in.

BARTIROMO: Well we know that there were irregularities in this election.

No we don't, that's part of Trump's Hitler-ian Big Lie. All credible people who have looked at it, including (now former) Trump administrationofficials and the 60 some-odd judges who shat all over every Trump court filing that ever did whine about Trump losing the election, agree the election was free and fair.

BARTIROMO: We know that 70 percent of Trump voters have said "we're not buyin' this election, we think it was rigged."

They say that because Trump, GOP members of Congress, Fox News hosts and fucking Peter Navarro have been shooting the fascist Big Lie up their asses, which they then spew back out their mouth-holes, at which point Trump, GOP members of Congress, Fox News hosts and fucking Peter Navarro use it as "evidence" that there must be something to it, if all these people are saying it!

BARTIROMO: But get this, you cannot say that on social media. You will get banned if you say there were irregularities, if you say there was fraud, it's absolutely outrageous.

Yes well, fascist Big Lies pretty much always lead to violence,as we have recently seen, Maria.

BARTIROMO: This feels more like Chinese Communist, like Communist China than it does America ...

Oh Jesus Christ, if five percent of these morons can pick out China on a map and correctly identify its president-for-life, we will donate $100 to an abortion rights charity just to make them madder.

BARTIROMO: ... that they have the ability to stomp out free speech.

Twitter is not part of anyone's First Amendment rights, you goddamned moron.

This was aired on television this morning. Feds tasked with investigating who incited future attacks might want to start with this clip, as it appears to feature two proud arsonists.

They might also want to look at Navarro's Twitter feed, assuming Twitter doesn't take care of that little problem by the end of the day. Navarro tweeted this just this morning, the new episode of his hallucination daydream about "illegal votes" in the 2020 election. You know, in case you weren't sure he was committed to the Big Lie.

Delete his fucking account.

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