Peter Navarro: Only Donald J. Trump Can Save Us From ‘China Virus’ He Ignored For Months

Peter Navarro: Only Donald J. Trump Can Save Us From ‘China Virus’ He Ignored For Months

Last week, the White House's pet economic crackpot, Peter Navarro, went on TV and claimed the media was throwing a “pity party" for all those annoying unemployed people. Amazingly, Navarro is still allowed to speak in public. Sunday, on ABC's “This Week," he claimed that Barack Obama was serving as “Joe Biden's press secretary" when he criticized the Trump administration's bungled COVID-19 response. (Obama never actually mentioned his former vice president during his commencement addresses.)

NAVARRO: As far as I'm concerned, [the Obama] administration was a kumbaya of incompetence ...

Wait ... what does that even mean? Is he suggesting the Obama administration was an ineffective African spiritual? Navarro is probably following his boss's lead of just randomly calling Obama incompetent, which is objectively untrue. Obama's administration boasted an unbroken eight-year streak of people freely leaving the house without fear of their lungs exploding.

NAVARRO: We saw millions of jobs go off to China [during the Obama administration]. His new normal was a flat-line in the way of wage growth.

Yes, those days when the black guy was president and we could touch our friends were so relentlessly terrible. The Trump campaign keeps trying to link Biden to Obama, but this election isn't held on Fox News. It takes place in America, and Obama is very popular there. He won both his presidential races with a majority of the vote. A Joe Biden who only exists in the public memory as Obama's wingman is likely unstoppable at the polls.

'So yes, I do blame the Chinese' for coronavirus pandemic: Peter Navarro | ABC

NAVARRO: I'm happy to report that this president, Donald J. Trump, in three-and-half years built the most beautiful economy in modern history.

“The most beautiful economy" is very Trump-like phrasing that Navarro shamelessly parrots. But the economy now looks like the “after" photo of a meth addict. The economy “ain't pretty no more." That's on Trump. If he “built it," he broke it, right?

NAVARRO: The Chinese did take that down in about 30 days.

The “Chinese" did no such thing. COVID-19 isn't a biological weapon. We had an opportunity to contain the virus, but the Trump administration allowed it to spread like wildfire.

NAVARRO: We're in this process of rebuilding that, and this president, Donald J. Trump, has the skills to do so.

Dude, we're not happy about it, but we know who the president is. You don't have to keep reminding us.

Navarro said the key to our economic recovery is going “back to the future" and “buy American, deregulate, and innovate." He wants to “bring the jobs home" and make products here. So enjoy paying $10,000 for an iPhone.

After “This Week" host George Stephanopoulos challenged him, Navarro backed down from claiming China “deliberately" wrecked the US economy, but he argued that China hid the virus for two months with the help of the World Health Organization. WHO declared COVID-19 a global health emergency in January, when even Navarro himself was warning the White House about COVID-19. Trump would spend most of February dismissing the coronavirus as man-flu.

Navarro also spouted garbage about how Biden is China's BFF and Trump is the only president to ever “stand up to China." He also claimed without evidence that Biden's son, Hunter, accepted $1 billion from the Chinese.

Full Navarro: Critics Of White House Response Are 'Dead Wrong' | Meet The Press | NBC

Over on “Meet the Press," Navarro blamed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the nation's half-assed testing program, but he's still on board with Trump's no-assed plan to reopen the economy RIGHT NOW.

NAVARRO: Opening up this economy isn't a question of lives versus jobs. The fact of the matter is, and it's something President Trump realized early on, if you lock people down, you might save lives directly from the China virus, but you indirectly are going to kill a lot more people. And why do I say that?

Yes, why do you say that? It's all lies.

NAVARRO: If you contrast this complete lockdown where some of the people in the medical community want to just run and hide until the virus is extinguished, that's going to not only take a huge toll on the American economy, it's going to kill many more people than virus, the China virus ever would.

Yeah, all those scaredy cats in the medical community want to hide under their beds from the coronavirus, but brave patriots like Navarro would punch the virus in the nose, like it was a shark and not highly infectious. Republicans are very concerned about everyone's mental health during the not-so-complete lockdowns. However, COVID-19 has killed almost 90,000 people in just a few months. That's already almost double the number of suicides in all of 2018. It's also closing in on the number of Americans who die annually from poverty. Which maybe we'd like to consider doing something about. There's no minimizing this virus or Trump's responsibility for its spread.


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