Fox Story About Antifa Clashing With Anti-Vax Nazis Made More Sense Before Fox Edited The Nazis Out

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Fox Story About Antifa Clashing With Anti-Vax Nazis Made More Sense Before Fox Edited The Nazis Out

This past Saturday, the Groyper Army — which consists of professional hatemonger Nick Fuentes and his ragtag gang of white nationalist followers — gathered outside Gracie Mansion, where they protested New York City's mandate that anyone participating in public indoor activities be vaccinated and also provided a human advertisement for the same. "Lift this mandate and get to hang out with Nazis!" is not exactly a tantalizing proposal for most people.

As is customary whenever a bunch of white nationalists decide to gather publicly, Antifa activists also showed up in order to make it clear that their bullshit is not welcome in the community.

Fox reporter Adam Sabes's first article on the subject was relatively well-balanced (for Fox), headlined "Antifa members clash with White nationalists over COVID vaccine mandate outside NYC's Gracie Mansion."

Originally, the article began:

Antifa protesters and a White nationalist group appeared to clash at an anti-vaccine mandate protest held outside of Gracie Mansion in New York City on Saturday night.

Far-right activist Nick Fuentes organized the protest against vaccine mandates outside of Gracie Mansion on Saturday night, where Antifa groups also showed up to confront his group, the "Groyper Army."

The Anti-Defamation League considers the "Groyper Army" as a white supremacist group.

"Like the alt right and other white supremacists, Groypers believe they are working to defend against demographic and cultural changes that are destroying the "true America"—a white, Christian nation," the ADL's website states.
The event comes amid a wave of anti-vaccine mandate protests in New York City and around the country.

As the Daily Beast's Will Sommer reported, Fuentes began raging at Fox on Telegram, calling them scum for "using ADL talking points about me and [America First]." Given his history of Holocaust denial, it is hardly surprising that he is not too keen on the Anti-Defamation League.

Michelle Malkin, who was previously fired from her job with the Young America Foundation for supporting Fuentes and now has nothing to do besides stand behind him and yell "Yeah!" every time he says or does anything, stood behind him and yelled "Yeah!"

Soon enough, the headline of the article was changed to "Antifa members clash with anti-vaccine protesters outside NYC's Gracie Mansion" and the article itself was rewritten to exclude any reference to the ADL, Fuentes, Groypers or white nationalists.

The beginning of the article now reads:

Antifa radicals and anti-vaccine protesters appeared to clash Saturday night outside Gracie Mansion, the mayoral residence in New York City.

The event came amid a wave of anti-vaccine mandate protests in New York City and around the country.

One independent journalist on Twitter recorded a confrontation between the two sides that included one person called the anti-vaccine mandate protesters "Nazi scum."

The "Nazi scum" line was included in the original article, though it made a whole lot more sense when it was clear the protesters were yelling at actual Nazis.

Fuentes and his Groyper Army have been known to go after conservatives they find insufficiently "pro-white," like Ben Shapiro (whom Fuentes especially dislikes because Shapiro is Jewish), Matt Walsh (for working for Shapiro and therefore being a "shabbos goy race traitor"), Dan Crenshaw, and Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA. The Groyper Army even went after Donald Trump Jr. at a TPUSA event in November of 2019.

Clearly, Fox has decided it is in their best interest not to upset the rising Nazi star, although historically Fuentes does not display much loyalty to those who have defended him. As we reported in 2020 when Fuentes was kicked off of YouTube, "prominent Trumper Mindy Robinson said that defending Fuentes led to him and his Groyper Army harassing her, and suggested that Twitter only keeps him on in order to make conservatives look bad."

He has, however, since been kicked off of Twitter.

If Fox is "bending the knee" with such swiftness to 23-year-old far-right "influencers" for fear of offending them and their relatively small followings, they can't be all too confident in their current status in the conservative ecosystem. They are likely looking at people like Fuentes and competitors like Newsmax and OAN and feeling like they're going to have to go even further right and further away from anything remotely resembling a fact in order to retain their hard-won status as the preferred news organization of every high school acquaintance you've defriended on Facebook.

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