Petition To Recall Gabrielle Giffords Not Really Very Nice

Petition To Recall Gabrielle Giffords Not Really Very Nice

Is Rep. Gabrielle Giffords about to be recalled for not showing up for work, because she was shot and nearly killed when shedid show up to work, on a weekend in Tucson? No, she probably won't be recalled. Only 165 people have signed the online petition so far, and even a few of them say they feel bad for doing it. This story's headline could also be "Sadness Within Sadness," but what would that even mean?

Giffords' office continues to function, and staff members do all the usual things a congressional staff does to help constituents with the various things the government does. And it seems only a rewrite of the whole U.S. Constitution would make this petition mean anything:

The online petition is aimed at Gov. Jan Brewer, asking her to open up the seat. But that's not in her power, said Peter Goudinoff, a retired political science professor and former state legislator.

"These people need to read the Constitution. The Constitution governs this and there's only three ways a representative can be removed. Either they resign, they die or they are expelled, two-thirds of the house can expel any member."

He says this group can collect as many signatures as they want, but it won't make a difference.

Huh. Well, it's probably margarita time now, so we'll see you later! [KOLD]


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