Ha ha ha, zing times a billion! The Philly gay community and its pwecious newspaper gave Barack Obama a hilarious snub this morning after he declined to sit down for an interview. Look at all that blank space, a symbol of Obama's virulent homophobia! What is wrong with him? Well Philadelphia magazine interviewed Philadelphia Gay News publisher Mark Segal today to discuss the major front page rejection of Obama, and he said Obama hasn't talked to the gay press since 2004 -- a record among humans!

Here's Segal, the King of Gay Newspapers:

We don't put ads on our front page, so we didn't lose any money by doing so. Although, no publisher wants a blank space in their paper! Or as we call it, you know, creative white space! [laughs] We wanted to make it clear from the very start that we had done our research. And I think what is shocking is that the campaign has not been able to refute our facts. It has been 1,522 days since he's spoken to local gay press. [...]

That goes back to 2004. That's not acceptable. I am the former president of the National Gay Newspaper Guild, and last week, during a break in the meeting, former publishers and editors were sitting around the table, and half of them were Obama supporters. And we all started discussing the fact that practically every one of them has gone after Obama for an interview -- and they've all gotten the runaround!

I've been doing this for 31 years. There is nobody in the gay press that has been doing it as long as I have. And PGN has a reputation for doing interviews with politicians -- including people like Frank Rizzo! We've interviewed everyone, with the exception of the one who refused: Senator Santorum. Which I find kind of comical. Because I don't want to put Senator Obama on the same level as Santorum! I find that offensive.

...Barack Obama is gay?

Oh c'mon, it's Friday. How about this then: Barack Obama is full of shit.

Segal: Obama Hasn't Spoken to Gay Press Since 2004 [Philly Mag]


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