Photo Mysteriously Emerges Tying Trig Pregnancy To Sarah Palin

Photo Mysteriously Emerges Tying Trig Pregnancy To Sarah Palin

We gota 29-page paper by a Kentucky journalism professor a publicist was sending around early this week that purported to shed light on the truth of Trig Palin; that he is, in fact, Bristol's son, which is a rumor that started at her high school and was then picked up by mean girl Andrew Sullivan. Now, COINCIDENTALLY, the Daily Mail is out with a photo they say was taken two days before Trig was born and shows a Sarah Palin as happily rotund as the people who buy her books. Is this the smoking gun? Of course not. If Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig, why hasn't she shown us the placenta?

Robert Stacy McCain is FED UP. And he's been thinking a lot about Bristol Palin's sexy celebrity ovulation cycle, which was on Dancing with the Stars:

But it is ludicrous to suggest that this could explain Trig and Tripp as both being Bristol’s babies: At a bare minimum, allowing just two weeks after an April 18 childbirth before she again ovulated, this would put the second conception date no earlier than May 2. A second baby born Dec. 29 would make the gestation period for Tripp just 241 days — more than a month premature.

How many 34-week babies weigh 7-and-half pounds?

As if this were not in itself ironclad disproof of the Trig-Truther theory, there is still the matter of Trig being born with Down Syndrome and, as I first pointed out on Sept. 1, 2008, this is a condition closely correlated with advanced maternal age. At age 44, the odds of Sarah Palin giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome were 1-in-140, compared to 1-in-1,400 for a woman under age 25.

Palin's hated author neighbor Joe McGinnis gives perspective:

Hey, none of the pictures of Sarah pregnant-or-not with Trig is the Zapruder film. None of them proves anything. At most, people can use them to support the opinion they already have. I just learned today, for example, that a couple of Brits spotted about-to-be princess Kate Middleton’s face on a mango jelly bean. Truth is as the eye of the beholder sees it.

The insanity of Sarah Palin is only as limited as our imagination. That's a beautiful thing. [Daily Mail/The Other McCain/Joe McGinnis]


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