Photographic "Remainders": A Day at the Game

nationals%20memorial%20day%20game%201.jpgCitizens! The time for bread and circuses is here -- processed meat and beer for all!

Ah, the lazy Memorial Day weekend baseball outing -- what a classical American tradition!

You don't need us to cover the actual game action. But here are some pretty pictures from yesterday's Nats game.

Check them out -- courtesy of Nats fan Intern Nick -- after the jump.

nationals%20memorial%20day%20game%202.jpgTo the owner of these hats that fiercely defended them from this photograph -- don't worry, the Patent and Trademark Office is closed on the weekends.

nationals%20memorial%20day%20game%203.jpg"Issue" shirts for a baseball game -- Washington, you're so predictable.

nationals%20memorial%20day%20game%204.jpgBaseball: still America's game.

nationals%20memorial%20day%20game%205.jpgIf it's too boring to just watch an actual baseball game, there's an 18-wheel PlayStation truck to play baseball video games. While, you know, at the stadium.


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