Pictured: The Future of American Politics

mccainharris.jpgIf you're such a MAVERICK, Senator, why don't you BUCK the REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT and fight for KATHERINE HARRIS, the ONLY QUALIFIED* CANDIDATE currently running for ANYTHING in ALL OF AMERICA TODAY?

It's well worth it to head over to The Ledger's site to enlarge that picture. Katy's showin' off a bit of cleavage -- keep your hands to yourself, Senator! The guy in the glasses totally looks like Rodney Dangerfield just came in and said something shocking.

What do you think is being said in this historic meeting of the minds? We're guessing it's something along the lines of:

HARRIS: "You understand what it's like to be a pariah in your own party, don't you? Don't you, John?"

MCCAIN: "Please don't let them get a shot of my face."

Also of note: The Florida GOP awarded the coveted "Republican of the Year" award to a dead guy.

*"Qualified" means, in this instance, "willing to appear on horseback in skin-tight clothing"

Harris Brings Campaign Home [TheLedger]


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