Pillow Grifter Timeline Update: Trump Will Now Be President In August

Pillow Grifter Timeline Update: Trump Will Now Be President In August

Hey! Remember that time Mike Lindell made a documentary and paid OAN to broadcast it in marathon form and basically no one watched it because it was three hours long and that dude is nuts?

Well, good news, there's going to be a sequel! While the first installment was called Absolute Proof, this one will be titled Absolute Interference: Fact…Foreign Adversaries Hacked America's Election. And you know it's true because he put "fact" in the title. They don't let you do that if you're lying.

There is no information yet on if the Holy Spirit will be reprising its role in the production of this film. Lindell went on Steve Bannon's War Room: Pandemic show recently to promote it, which was sort of difficult as Bannon could not figure out where it was streaming on his smartphone.

Lindell has apparently been working on this while getting his social media site, "Frank," ready to debut in a couple weeks, and getting it ready for the billion users he expects to sign up for it. For comparison, Twitter has 192 million users. To Lindell's credit, he certainly has more energy than any ex-coke/crack cocaine freak I've ever known.

During the hourlong interview, Lindell explained that he now has even more damning information about the election, and that thanks to this movie -- which everyone in the whole world, "of every age group" is going to watch, even though Steve Bannon can't even find the website for it -- Donald Trump will once again become president in August.

(found via the RightWingWatch Twitter account)

Lindell explained, very excitedly, that between his documentary and the lawsuit he's gonna file and take before the Supreme Court, everything is gonna turn around and go their way:

LINDELL: What I'm talking about Steve is what I've been doing since January 9. All the evidence I have, everything is going to go before the Supreme Court and the election of 2020 is going bye-bye. It was an attack by other countries, communism coming in. I don't know what they're going to do with it after they pull it down.

Bannon then attempted to interrupt him, at which point Lindell yelled "DONALD TRUMP IS GONNA BE PRESIDENT BY AUGUST!"

August, I suppose, will give him a little more legroom than the previous dates he and others have predicted, which have all since come and gone. That'll allow him to recoup whatever he spent making these documentaries and paying to run them on television, i hopes of convincing daft Trump supporters he can make their dreams come true.

Lindell also claimed he gets "100 emails per day" from whistleblowers who are definitely real people who helped Joe Biden steal the election. That is very impressive for there to have been that many people involved with the stealing of an election. You'd think they would keep it to a minimum, but apparently they involved hundreds of people who were more than happy to talk about this, but only to Mike Lindell, the guy who sells pillows.

Via War Room:

"It reveals everything," Lindell said of the film coming out in a few weeks. "We know who did it. We've got everything."

Lindell said he gets 100 emails per day of whistleblowers exposing fraud in the election, and confirmed he has been tipped off by whistleblowers from Dominion.

Lindell previewed the new documentary Absolute Interference: Fact…Foreign Adversaries Hacked America's Election on War Room, Friday evening.

"Now I know where you've been hiding," said Stephen K. Bannon. "You've been in the editing room."

The new evidence includes IP addresses in China that reveal vote switching away from Donald Trump. Lindell also has expert witnesses who reveal how the 2010 census was used for voting machine algorithms.

"This is the smoking gun evidence," Lindell said.

Lindell will first release an hour-long interview with one of his whistleblowers, he says is so compelling no one will be able to deny the fraud.

Oh yeah, that definitely seems like a real thing that is going to happen. But hey! Whatever gets these people through the day. They'll probably be less violent if they seriously think there is a chance this could happen than if they don't.



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