Pine Bush, New York, Jews Forcing Normal Kids To Beat Them Up By Being Jewish

Pine Bush, New York, Jews Forcing Normal Kids To Beat Them Up By Being Jewish

Some Jews in Pine Bush, New York, are really fucking up everything for this one nice school district in their blatant "money grab" (such Jews!) lawsuit just because their kids were constantly getting beaten up for being Jews, and having swastikas drawn on their faces for being Jews, and having coins flung at them for being Jews, and some other totally normal stuff you would do to Jews. After all, it is not the fault of Pine Bush, where nice grown ups just stone cold volunteerto New York Times reporters that all those Jews aren't wanted there, nor is it the fault of school administrators, who are like, "wouldn't it be easier if you just moved?"

Nope, it is definitely the Jew parents, and the Jew kids, and their (presumably Jew) lawyers, who should have known better than to live in Pine Bush and be Jewish, thereby forcing all the students to beat them up and the teachers to ignore it, and also forcing the teachers and administrators to leave up all the swastikas inside their classrooms for "months at a time." Everybody knows being Jewish is the real anti-Semitism, probably.

[NYT, via Gawker]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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