Trump White House Knows Who's To Blame For Pittsburgh Shooting, And It Is SQUIRREL! FAKE NEWS LIBERAL MEDIA SQUIRREL!

Are Republicans still saying the worst shit about this weekend's heinous mass murder of Jewish congregants in Pittsburgh, and also all the bombs that idiot tried to mail to two former presidents and a bunch of other prominent Democrats? Of course! Wonkette rounded up some of the worst responses on Sunday, and you will be very surprised to learn there are enough new ones for a whole new roundup post. In fact, there are TOO MANY new ones, so this post will just focus on the filth wafting out of the White House this fine Monday morning.

First, let's check in with President Shithole, and then swiftly move on from that:

Translation: the wannabe tyrant in the White House, the week after a dude sent CNN a bomb intended for John Brennan, is blaming the news media for reporting on him in ways he doesn't like, and saying the violence will stop if the media starts being really nice to him.

Anybody else feel like that sounds like he's holding America hostage right now? Because that's how it feels to us.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is very mad at the Washington Post for pointing out that Donald Trump's violence-inciting rhetoric seems to actually be inciting violence, and she is zeroing in on the fact that the guy who committed the mass murder in Pittsburgh didn't like Trump all that much because Trump doesn't hate Jews as much as he does:

To be very clear, Donald Trump's campaign and presidency have been chock full of anti-Semitic dogwhistles and air horns, and the extremist far-right assholes he has emboldened really really really hate Jewish people. For God's sake, Trump said there were good people "on both sides" in Charlottesville, after a neo-Nazi murdered an innocent woman. The fact that the Pittsburgh murderer wishes Trump were more openly extremist doesn't really help Sanders's case here.

The Washington Post has a good roundup of the murderer's beliefs and social media footprint, including a thing he posted on Gab saying Trump's MAGA movement "cannot succeed so long as Jews 'infest' the country." That doesn't sound like somebody who hates Trump, but rather somebody who is trying to encourage Trump to go full KKK. Adam Serwer has an excellent piece in The Atlantic that shows that Trump's bullshit over the caravan from Honduras -- and the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about George Soros bankrolling the refugees -- directly led to the mass murder of 11 Jewish people on Saturday. Here's the key graf:

Before committing the Tree of Life massacre, the shooter, who blamed Jews for the caravan of "invaders" and who raged about it on social media, made it clear that he was furious at hias, founded as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, a Jewish group that helps resettle refugees in the United States. He shared posts on Gab, a social-media site popular with the alt-right, expressing alarm at the sight of "massive human caravans of young men from Honduras and El Salvador invading America thru our unsecured southern border." And then he wrote, "hias likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I'm going in."

In other words, Sarah Huckabee Sanders needs to go fuck herself and stop blaming the Washington Post for what HER BOSS has been encouraging.

Oh hey, BREAKING NEWS, he's still doing it!

Wonder who else is out there taking Trump's words seriously, thinking of taking matters into his own hands like the shooter did in Pittsburgh. (Also, you already know that it IS the "legal process" to apply for asylum at a port of entry, so we don't need to belabor it, because you are not as stupid and ignorant as the president of the United States.)

To close out this post, here are some videos of Kellyanne Conway saying some bullshit we cannot even interpret, but our best guess is that she is saying 1) it's not Trump's fault; 2) the real victims are the people who work in the White House because people say mean things about them (AND STEAL THEIR CHICKEN FINGERS PROBABLY); and 3) Stephen Colbert is the real Pittsburgh shooter, because late night comedians are always mean to God.

Yeah, we don't fuckin' know either, but by the end of the day we're guessing they'll go with "the Jews should not have slaughtered those 11 good Christians in the temple."

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