Plan of Attack: Great Minds Think Alike

We've been getting these kinds of quotes from Plan of Attack all day. Apparently, we're not the only pretend journalist in DC with a thing for crude innuendo. In another context, these quotes would just be, you know, reporting. But it's not another context. It's Wonkette, where a cigar is never just a cigar. . . it's a huge, throbbing, ropey-veined love muscle of desire. With that in mind, we present, "Plan of Attack: The Dirty Bits."

Page 7: "Yes, Rumsfeld was bullheaded. And it probably had been ten years since the senior generals and admirals -- those like Franks himself -- had had anyone chew their asses [!!!] . . . To reports of lingering tensions, Franks said much later, 'Bullshit. He was pushing, and it satisfied me greatly.'"

Page 7: "He had decided to take Rumsfeld's prodding . . . and use it as a needed stimulus."

Page 73: "'I know I've put you in a difficult position,' the president said. 'I know this is hard . . .'"

It's sort of nice to know we're not the only ones who think this way. And our enthusiasm for these jokes is exactly as great as we suggest. Send more!


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