'Plandemic' Lady And Larry Klayman Are Gonna Sue Dr. Fauci For Creating COVID-19


"America This Week" — a "news" show produced by Sinclair Broadcasting Network, hosted by disgraced former Fox News personality Eric Bolling, and syndicated on television stations across the United States — had quite the line-up this week. Pam Bondi! Katrina Pierson! Tom Cotton! Ted Nugent! Mussolini! Okay, not Mussolini, but probably only because he is dead. It really was a Who's Who of the worst people anyone has ever heard of.

But standing out from the pack, somehow, were the comedy team of Judy "The 'Plandemic' Lady" Mikovits and Larry "Super Lawyer" Klayman, who were there to explain how they were planning to sue Dr. Anthony Fauci for creating COVID-19, a thing he very obviously did not do because of how he is not a literal comic book villain.

Mikovits explained to Jocelyn Wildenstein Bolling that Fauci — or people working for him — manufactured this exact coronavirus here at Fort Dietrich, Maryland, "with monkey cell lines" (probably Sumatran Rat Monkey cell lines) and then shipped it to Wuhan, China, because doing that kind of thing is illegal here in the United States, and then he used his position here to get the research in Wuhan funded so they could continue ... coronavirus experiments? It's not really clear.

Via Media Matters:

Bolling gave Mikovits and Klayman — who has peddled various conspiracy theories of his own in past decades — free rein to make baseless accusations against Fauci, such as that he "manufactured the coronaviruses" and shipped them to Wuhan, China. Klayman said he's "looking at a possible RICO case" — a reference to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act — against Fauci and said, "We know that $3.7 million was given as a grant during the Obama administration to that Wuhan laboratory. That's not in dispute." Except the amount is about $3 million less than Klayman said, as PolitiFact, USA Today, FactCheck.org, and BuzzFeed News have all explained. (Bolling attempted to rebut him later by saying the funding was for vaccine research, but failed to correct him on the figure he quoted.) Klayman then said "the Chinese then engineered it into a bioweapon," a claim which has also been debunked.

For a "counterpoint," Bolling then brought on Fox News medical contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier, who explained that while the people who believe Dr. Fauci made COVID-19 are conspiracy theorists and obviously wrong, she believed it was man-made in a lab by somebody else. As the official voice of reason here, Dr. Saphier did not have anything to back up her theory. A graphic reading "Did Dr. Fauci create coronavirus?" framed her appearance.

It would be one thing if this were just some very stupid show on some officially conservative network. But it is syndicated on regular broadcast television, on stations that are required to show it because they are owned by Sinclair broadcasting. "Plandemic" has been banned from YouTube, but Judy Mikovits is on your local CBS station, just freely saying a bunch of crap that has already been exhaustively debunked without being legitimately countered by anyone. She has a right to her beliefs, but to present them without really explaining that they are not the actual truth is incredibly irresponsible.

Of course, this is Eric Bolling's show, and as Media Matters points out, he doesn't have the best track record himself when it comes to not saying obviously untrue things about COVID-19:

Bolling has previously spread dangerous misinformation about the coronavirus on his Sinclair program. He and his guests have pushed conspiracy theories that the coronavirus was engineered in a lab, suggested the coronavirus death toll was being inflated, and promoted unproven coronavirus treatments. In March, he suggested that media outlets were inciting panic about the outbreak to damage President Donald Trump politically. He has also repeatedly used racist names for the virus. And in his previous episode, Bolling agreed with a guest that the economy must reopen despite the health risks, as the pandemic continues raging in most states.

Following this segment was one featuring Katrina Pierson, Pam Bondi, and Mercedes Schlapp assuring everyone that even though it looks like Trump is doing terribly with female voters based on the many polls that show he is doing terribly with female voters, women are actually very excited about voting for him again. Then there was another segment (the second half of a two-part interview!) in which Ted Nugent talked about how he was very happy that gun sales had gone up recently in response to "antifa," and was asked by Bolling what he would do if he were this nation's chief law enforcement officer. ("What I would do is what Donald Trump stands for.") So, you know, just all very normal things on this show.

[Media Matters]

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