Elizabeth Warren Straight Up Kills It At The California State Democratic Convention


Well hello there! Were you hoping for something nice and uplifting for your open thread today? Were you worried that you were going to have to look at Steve Bannon's faccia brutto all afternoon? Well, you are in luck. Because we've got video of Elizabeth Warren's kick-ass speech at the California State Democratic convention, and it is a goddamn thing of beauty.

I mean... she walked out to 9 to 5. She brought Dolly and she brought her A-game, and I am swooning.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com

Am I a stan? I am totally a stan. And also, just as I predicted (never forget, I am prematurely correct about everything always), Warren is surging in the polls as more people hear her talk. She's good. Also her mere existence in the field has done more to repair my own relationships with friends who held grudges against me for having voted for Bernie in the 2016 primary than pretty much anything else in the last three years. She's someone we can both agree on! Hooray!

The best part of this speech, for me, is the fact that Warren comes right out and says that settling for bits and pieces and being nice and waiting patiently for Republicans and rich people to feel comfortable and come around does not work and is not ever going to work. Which, you may have noticed, is a thing I have been saying for years.

Anyway! Go and enjoy this speech and also enjoy your open thread!

Oh, and if you live in NYC, I will be there next week to see Bikini Kill and am staying through the weekend, so I will be having some kind of WONKETTE DRINKY THING on Saturday afternoon, after I am done here, so you all can come and hang out with me. If you are lucky, I may even grace you with a song. I shall let you know where it is as soon as Rebecca picks a place out!


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Robyn Pennacchia

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