Please Refrain From Calling Michelle Malkin 'Black,' Because That Is Just Rude


  • Scenario: Rush Limbaugh buys a football team, because that is what rich assholes do for entertainment. Discuss. [Think Progress]

  • Do you know of any good Columbus-related literature that might interest Matt Yglesias? Matt is familiar with the works of Philip Roth, but that's about it. [Matt Yglesias]

  • If you live in New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine would like to meet you and shake your hand and explain his platform, which consists mostly of talking massive shit about his Republican opponent -- who is a total lardbucket, by the way. [The Caucus]

  • Liberals, immigrants, journalists, et all: Please take back your hate. It makes Michelle Malkin physically ill. [Michelle Malkin]

  • Tea Baggers! Do you hear the trumpet call? -- Yes, it Erick Erickson, farting trumpet noises from afar -- listen closely! Put down your annotated copies of The Fountainhead, take off your Continental Army Lt. Colonel uniform ... it's time to water the Tree of Liberty with Ayn Rand's urine and run for political office! [RedState]


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