Please Stop Asking Michele Bachmann Word Problems Involving MSNBC And Long Division


  • Wolf Blitzer exposes SNL with his award-winning muckraking journalism. [Hot Air]

  • Hundreds of fake doctors (including Jeff Gannon) were forced to wear lab coats and say flattering things about socialized medicine. [Michelle Malkin]

  • Michele Bachmann does not know anything about MSNBC. She doesn't know how to spell MSNBC and she doesn't want to know. She doesn't know what MSNBC stands for, or if it stands for anything at all. Maybe it's Spanish. She just doesn't know. [TPM]

  • Guess who wants to stick his public option in your pooper? You know who. [RedState]

  • Barack Obama is the the world's most popular dictator. [Think Progress]


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