Plenty of Reasons To Wear a Surgical Mask

Plenty of Reasons To Wear a Surgical Mask
  • Tonight through May 14: Bernie Maddoff may have stolen tons of money from the Jews, (and just about every other group, including unicorns, one-eyed monsters, and probably even contaminated pigs) but the show most go on, and indeed it will with the 9th Northern Virginia International Jewish Film Festival. See 20 films from Israel, Canada, France, Germany and the good old USA, screened in various locations throughout northern Virginia. Tickets are $10. [NoVA JCC]

  • Tonight through Sunday: If you feel eerily stalked by cameras this weekend, you shouldn’t think that you are suddenly more popular than Mr. Hundred Days. Friday marks the start of the 48 Hour Film Project, where groups of aspiring actors, film makers, and writers will each receive a character, prop, line of dialogue and genre, all of which must be included in a movie that they will have only 48 hours to complete. The kickoff is at the Warehouse Theater and you can catch the films Tuesday-Friday at the AFI and a compilation of the best on May 21. [Warehouse Theater]
  • Sunday, May 2: The Goethe-Institut is adamant that DCers see Chinatown as more than a) where the CAPS play b) a one-stop shop to furnish your house and body, and c) a series of restaurants which are still in business only because Matchbox has such a long wait. Chinatown’s cool, America’s post racial and all that good stuff, so Goethe-Institut created the Time Shadows series that celebrates how German, Chinese, and American cultures have contributed to the Chinatown area of DC that we know and love. Enjoy both live poetry and poetry via speakerphone (not quite sure how that’s going to go over) about the perils and joys of city living. 2-4 PM, free. [Goethe-Institut]
  • Sunday, May 3: Word to the wise: anything you lose can end up in Found Magazine. The Magazine is a collection of found notes, letters, lists, and photos, and its creators, brothers Davy and Peter Rothbart, have written Requiem for a Paper Bag, a book in which celebrities tell the stories behind their favorite finds. The brothers will read parts of their book at the Warehouse Theater starting at 8PM and according to some reputable sources (the LA Times and Davy himself) it’s supposed to be hilarious. Tickets are $10. [Warehouse Theater]
  • Hold on to your pointed ears!!: The newest Star Trek movie comes out a week from today. Be the obsessed fan that you know you are and get your tickets to the midnight showing on Friday, May 8th. Work with me here, this means that you'll need to line up on Thursday night, May 7th.

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