Plot of Upcoming 'Die Hard' Sequel Spoiled by GOP Debate

If you missed the Republican debate last night, well, we envy you. The mildly amusing bits included:

* The chimes indicating that a question's alloted time was through, or that a candidate had gone on long enough, prompting a member of the celebrity panel of judges to "gong" them.

* John Edwards gay jokes.

* Ron Paul blaming America first.

The most wrist-slittingly entertaining moment, though, came not from any candidate, but from the debate organizers. To close out the debate, Fox News' Brit Hume asked each candidate about "a fictional, but we think plausible scenario": Three malls near "major US cities" attacked by suicide bombers. The would-be bombers of a fourth mall have been captured and sent to Guantamo. HOW HARD WILL YOU TORTURE THEM?

As you can see in the above clip, John McCain stumbled, and Mitt Romney promised to lock up thousands more in a hundred new Guantanamo Bays.

After the jump, Republicans applaud waterboarding.


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