Plot Twist! Sister Of Ahmaud Arbery’s Killer Also Total POS Monster

The Ahmaud Arbery case just keeps getting worse. They are already trying the deceased for shoplifting and suspicion of possessing "veins." Now, we learn that the sister of the man who gunned Arbery down like a dog posted a sport trophy photo of his corpse.

Lindsay McMichael is the sister and daughter respectively of Travis and Gregory McMichael, and the apple doesn't fall far from the lynching tree. During an interview with the Sun, McMichael admitted she shared on her Snapchat account the unedited, grisly image of Arbery's dead body, taken at the crime scene. Snapchat is the “fastest way to share a moment," like a good meal or a cold-blooded murder.

Why would a carbon-based life form (we assume) do this? McMichael insists she “had no nefarious or malicious intent." She's just a “huge fan of true crime."

MCMICHAEL: I listen to four or five podcasts a week – I'm constantly watching that sort of thing. It was more of a, "Holy shit, I can't believe this has happened."

I get that people are into true crime podcasts these days, and I was a big fan of Dateline NBC's “To Catch a Predator" series. But McMichael didn't just listen to “The Officer's Wife" or watch Chris Hansen cock-block sex perverts. She posted the final image of Arbery on this earth, and she did so with all the feeling of someone sharing a picture of empty bottles of wine after a girls' night out: “Holy shit, I can't believe this has happened."

McMichael didn't personally take the photo, which was reportedly "making the rounds within the Brunswick, Georgia, community," but she posted it not long after Arbery was killed on February 23. She now claims that "was absolutely poor judgment," which is a fair description for my friend getting bored in quarantine and cutting her own bangs. What McMichael did was grotesque.

Lee Merritt, a lawyer for Arbery's family, said this "actually fits in with the pattern of the McMichael family engaging in a weird, violent form of voyeurism." Travis and Gregory McMichael stalked Arbery, and William Bryan, who people believe should also pose for a mug shot, followed behind them, recording the encounter. It was Gregory McMichael who leaked the damning video to a radio station, because he actually thought this snuff film would exonerate him and his son. As Ben Stone once said on “Law & Order," he is “possibly the stupidestcriminal I've ever met."

The Stupidest Criminal - Law &

Maybe Lindsay McMichael thought the lynching trading card photo would also help clear up any legal troubles. Who knows with this family? But she stressed in her interview that her brother isn't the monster we know he is. She described seeing Travis McMichael right after he killed Arbery.

MCMICHAEL: All I saw was the look on his [Travis's] face and he was looking very desperate …

I'm sure her brother did look “very desperate," because there are laws (more or less) against killing black men for no reason on residential streets.

MCMICHAEL: I've seen my brother in his happiest moments — I was there when his child was born and I've seen him in distress and I know that look ... It wasn't like some glory thing, like, "I stalked and then got the kill that I was hoping for."

All McMichael has confirmed is her brother isn't the Joker and is thus mentally competent to stand trial. He's a coward who fucked up and killed someone and wanted to avoid any unpleasant consequences, like people actually caring. Travis and Gregory McMichael might've gotten away with it, but Jim Crow justice can only do so much when the killers are leaking videos of their own crimes. You gotta meet your corrupt prosecutors half-way.

Lindsay McMichael also thinks it's important that you know she “loved" all her non-white boyfriends. I'm sure they also speak highly of her from the sunken place.

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